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Monday, March 5, 2007

How Did I get introduced to Yerba Mate

People always ask me tons of questions. Including this one, how did you get introduced to Yerba Mate. Ok, I guess it's not that weird when I come to think of it...but, if you really want to read the story..read on..it's probably gonna be long so you better grab a cup of Mate before reading this ;)

Alright, one cold winter night, I was browsing through a couple forums and I came across a post by Allen Says (the legendary internet marketer in hiding), this was back in 2005 or something...

Allen was talking about a drink that he had just discovered and basically talking about how it provided him with soo much energy to stay up almost all night to do all his work.

Being the great follower I am :), I decided to order myself a pack of Yerba Mate. And, rest as they say is history.

Over the years I have learned about many other things that Yerba mate can be used for/is used for and my love for Mate has just grown.

Until next time,

Cheers! ;)

Oh BTW, if you have never tried Yerba Mate before, you might want to. It's legal, I promise ;)
Try out this store if you want to order online. I get mine from them!


Anthony's Sauce said...

Hey, cool blog just discovering it. I'm a Yerba Mate nut! Love the stuff! I shared my story of how I was introduced on my Yerba Mate website here: http://www.yerbamatedrinker.com/

I have some cute Yerba Mate icons a friend of mine and myself created that you can use with instant messenger programs that you might enjoy.

Rosamonte Especial is my very favorite Yerba! GREAT stuff!

Anthony's Sauce said...

hmm. let's try that again...


I have a nice set of Yerba Mate instructional photos in regards to preparation on there as well that your visitors my find useful.

info said...

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Thanks for educating people about the great benefits of yerba mate!